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NEW! Superior 950 Body Design

Superior is your best choice for brass valves. The new body design of the 950 Series Forward Flow Valve
offers the same dependable product performance, quality and value that you have relied on for years.


Reduced Water Hammer
          The new body design on the Superior 950 valve allows for decreased water hammer
          resulting in less stress to system components such as PVC pipe and fittings.

 Improved Flow Characteristics
            Reduced head loss allows for additional sprays/rotors per zone, lower energy usage 
            with pumping stations, better performance, and the use of a more economical valve.


 Features & Benefits
 Backward Compatibility on all 950 Valves
            950 Forward Flow Valves, Reverse Flow Valves, Master Valves, Dirty Water Valves, and
            PRS Valves are all backward compatible. This eliminates any need to for training on a new
            valve and reduces the need to buy new parts, since all existing parts are compatible.
 Long-term Durability and Performance

            Advanced two-piece internal assembly offers upper diaphragm protection by removing 
            diaphragm from flow path. Reliable lower seat operation and Superior Shield™ helps 
            deflect debris to prevent diaphragm tears. 


            Advanced porting design with self-cleaning metering rod system ensures that only “clean” water 
            enters the upper diaphragm chamber protecting the diaphragm for longer life.


 Reclaimed Water Protection

            All EPDM parts outlast commonly used Buna-N parts when exposed to reclaimed water.

 Relaible Technical Support

            Knowledgeable technical support resource provides quick response times. No charge 
            customer service is available by calling 1-800-210-2525.

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