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950DWIBA is an electric angle valve that provides dirty water protection in a forward flow design.  The valve is equipped with an internal self-cleaning filter and manual internal bleed capability.

Available Sizes:

1", 1-1/2" and 2"

  • Advanced two-piece internal assembly offers upper diaphragm protection and reliable lower seat operation, providing long-term durability and performance under the toughest conditions
  • Self-cleaning metering rod system ensure that only “clean” water enters the upper diaphragm chamber, offering consistent performance and increasing diaphragm lifespan
  • All EPDM rubber parts outlast commonly used Buna-N parts when exposed to dirty water
  • Made of high-quality Red Brass
  • Consistent design across model options allows for ease of installation and serviceability, making the 950 a “Superior” long-term value
  • Includes a stainless steel, self-flushing filter that provides dirty water protection to ensure proper flow
  • Includes an Internal Bleed System, which allows for manual operation of the valve and helps prevent dirty water from entering the valve box



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950DWIBA Catalog Page(PDF)6/14/2013133.03 KBDownload
950DWIBA Installation Drawing (JPEG)(JPEG)6/14/2013385.82 KBDownload
950DWIBA Installation Drawing (PDF)(PDF)6/14/201375.84 KBDownload
950DWIBA Installation Drawing (DWG)(ZIP)6/14/2013807.62 KBDownload
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