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850DIAS is a drip irrigation valve that includes an atmospheric backflow preventer.  850DIAS is designed to operate efficiently where the following conditions exist: low pressure, low flow, and excessive back pressure. 

Available Sizes:

3/4" and 1"

  • Developed for drip irrigation applications, this valve will ensure complete opening and closing on flow as low as 1 gallon per hour
  • Operates on pressure up to 150 psi
  • Available in Straight-thru or Anti-Siphon body design

SKU Description
850DIAS075 3/4" Drip Irrigation Anti-Siphon Valve
850DIAS100 1" Drip Irrigation Anti-Siphon Valve

Solenoid Specifications

Standard 24 VAC
  In-rush current: 0.45 A (10.8 VA)
  Holding current: 0.30 A (7.2 VA)
Optional Low Watt 24 VAC
  In-rush current: 0.33 A (7.9 VA)
  Holding current: 0.20 A (4.9 VA)
Optional 110 VAC
  In-rush current: 95 mA (10.5 VA)
  Holding current: 65 mA (7.2 VA)
Operating Ranges
  Pressure: 20-200 psi

Replacement Parts & Repair Kits

ModelRepair KitIndexSizeKit Description
850DI173181943/4"3/4" Repair Kit
850DI173191941"1" Repair Kit
850DI16502145AllTubing (Includes Compression Nuts)
850DI16520-DI235AllT-Fliter and T-Fitting
850DI1601254AllDrain Cock O-Ring
850DI1501353AllDrain Cock (Includes O-Ring)
850DI16075-A21All24 VAC Solenoid Assembly
850DI160084AllSolenoid Coil
850DI16300B14AllStem and Plunger Assembly for 3-Way Solenoid
850DI16520-197AllT-Filter Assembly
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