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950DW is a dirty water electric valve with forward flow design, equipped with an internal self-cleaning filter.

Available Sizes:

3/4" to 3"

  • Low seat design with two-piece internal assembly decreases pressure loss and improves flow when compared to valves with high seat design, and   helps protect diaphragm from harmful debris
  • Self-cleaning metering rod system ensures that only “clean” water enters the upper diaphragm chamber, offering consistent, trouble-free performance
  • All EPDM rubber parts outlast commonly used Buna-N parts when exposed to reclaimed water
  • Made of high-quality Red Brass      
  • Consistent design ensures backward compatibility when replacing parts in older valves
  • Includes a stainless steel, self-flushing filter that provides dirty water protection


SKU Description
950075DW 3/4" 950 Automatic Dirty Water Irrigation Valve
950100DW 1" 950 Automatic Dirty Water Irrigation Valve
950125DW 1-1/4" 950 Automatic Dirty Water Irrigation Valve
950150DW 1-1/2" 950 Automatic Dirty Water Irrigation Valve
950200DW 2" 950 Automatic Dirty Water Irrigation Valve
950250DW 2-1/2" 950 Automatic Dirty Water Irrigation Valve
950300DW 3" 950 Automatic Dirty Water Irrigation Valve

Solenoid Specifications

Standard 24 VAC

   In-rush current: 0.45 A (10.8 VA)
   Holding current: 0.30 A (7.2 VA)

Optional Low Watt 24 VAC
   In-rush current: 0.33 A (7.9 VA)
   Holding current: 0.20 A (4.9 VA)

Optional 110 VAC
   In-rush current: 95 mA (10.5 VA)
   Holding current: 65 mA (7.2 VA)

Operating Ranges

   Flow: 5-320 gpm
   Pressure: 20-200 psi

Replacement Parts & Repair Kits

ModelRepair KitIndexSizeKit Description
950DW173081953/4"3/4" 950DW Repair Kit
950DW173091951"1" 950DW Repair Kit
950DW173101951-1/4"1-1/4" 950DW Repair Kit
950DW173111951-1/2"1-1/2" 950DW Repair Kit
950DW173121952"2" 950DW Repair Kit
950DW173131952-1/2" to 3"2-1/2" to 3" 950DW Repair Kit
950DW16201-L2013/4"3/4" 950DW Top Assembly
950DW16202-L2011"1" 950DW Top Assembly
950DW16203-L2011-1/4"1-1/4" 950DW Top Assembly
950DW16204-L2011-1/2"1-1/2" 950DW Top Assembly
950DW16205-L2012"2" 950DW Top Assembly
950DW16220-L2012-1/2" to 3"2-1/2" to 3" 950DW Top Assembly
950DW162061983/4"3/4" 950DW Flow Control Assembly
950DW162071981"1" 950DW Flow Control Assembly
950DW162081981-1/4"1-1/4" 950DW Flow Control Assembly
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 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize 
Tech Resources: 950 Troubleshooting (Spanish)(PDF)4/19/2012131.65 KBDownload
Tech Resources: 950 Troubleshooting(PDF)4/19/201297.58 KBDownload
Sell Sheet(PDF)4/19/20121.62 MBDownload
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