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VBDW is an electric valve that provides dirty water protection in a reverse flow design.


  • Reverse flow design ensures that valve will fail in the closed position in the event of a diaphragm tear or rip
  • External bleed for manual operation
  • Consistent slow and smooth closing speed reduces water hammer and prolongs valve life
  • High strength EPDM diaphragm offers reliable performance in the toughest conditions
  • Provides dirty water filtration and non-continuous flow through solenoid and valve orifices, ensuring consistent, reliable operation

SKU Description
VBDW07 3/4" NPT, brass dirty water solenoid valve
VBDW10 1" NPT, brass dirty water solenoid valve
VBDW12 1-1/4" NPT, brass dirty water solenoid valve
VBDW15 1-1/2" NPT, brass dirty water solenoid valve
VBDW20 2" NPT, brass dirty water solenoid valve

Replacement Parts & Repair Kits

ModelRepair KitIndexSizeKit Description
VBDWNPH1KITN/AAllNon Potable Purple Cross Handle (1 kit contains 10 cross handles)
VBDWVPRDW0710BKITN/A3/4" to 1"Bonnet Repair Kit
VBDWVDW0710DKITN/A3/4" to 1"Diaphragm Repair Kit
VBDWVPRDW12BKITN/A1-1/4"Bonnet Repair Kit
VBDWVDW12DKITN/A1-1/4"Diaphragm Repair Kit
VBDWVPRDW15BKITN/A1-1/2"Bonnet Repair Kit
VBDWVDW15DKITN/A1-1/2"Diaphragm Repair Kit
VBDWVPRDW20BKITN/A2"Bonnet Repair Kit
VBDWVDW20DKITN/A2"Diaphragm Repair Kit
VBDWHDCKITN/AAllRepair Kit 24vac Heavy Duty
VBDWP510530KITN/AAllPost Assembly 3-Way 980067
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