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Storm Cruiser

Storm Cruiser model provides a protective cover over the Rain Coach traveling sprinkler system, a great option for watering large areas where in-ground installation may not be possible, safe, or cost-effective.

Storm Cruiser is now discontinued.  Please contact customer care for further information.

  • Provides an economical alternative to automatic sprinklers for large turf area watering
  • Brass, aluminum, and stainless steel construction provides unmatched durability
  • Allows for adjustable speed of travel for varied precipitation rates.
  • Front roller helps to minimize turf scarring
  • Wide wheel base provides stable operation on rough terrain
  • Built-in valve automatically shuts off the water at the end of run
  • Includes protective safety cover



SKU Description
STORMCRUISER RainCoach™ w/ cover and 450' galvanized cable

Operating Ranges


   Pressure (at sprinkler): 55 - 75 psi
   Flow: 11.5 - 22.4 gpm
   Throw: 110 - 145 feet diameter X 450 ft run


   Pressure: 3.7 - 5.1 bars
   Flow: 43.53 - 84.6 l/min
   Throw: 33.4 - 44 m diameter X 137.16 m run
   Trajectory: 28 Degrees


1" female hose thread (NPSH) inlet


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